Online Psychological First-aid for Turkey and border region Impacted by the Earthquake

Given the current humanitarian crisis on the ground in Turkey and border region, which has reached its peak, and with very few resources available, it is crucial to provide all sorts of support for those who are directly impacted by the devastating earthquake that hit the country. So many organizations and initiatives started humanitarian aids activities; however, psychological aid is still missing, and people on the ground are in desperate need of such support. In light of this, we want to open new channels of support and provide online psychological first aid for the affected people in Turkey and border region who are living in the midst of turmoil and chaos. 

To do that, we are building a new initiative to tackle this particular pressing need. Our initiative will include a series of online sessions and talks focusing on emergency psychosocial support for the people in Turkey and border region, In addition to building a safe space for care, participation, expression, and, most importantly, hope. We will do that first by creating a platform aimed at providing psychological support by linking impacted people with counselors and trained psychological aid volunteers online. Second, by training volunteers online to provide such support in collaboration with humanitarian organizations in the country.

We already have more than 100 volunteers who are willing to participate in the program to support people online.

Our goal is to give The Youth in Turkey and border region in need easy access to online professional and confidential psychosocial counseling.



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